FT: 3x Uncle Jacobís, ISO: 1x King Henry

Reads 1262 • Replies 16 • Started Monday, October 1, 2012 8:10:05 AM CT

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beers 2 º 08:10 Mon 10/1/2012

Iím going to try for this one again if someone out there missed the boat on the Uncle. By now you probably know Uncle Jacobís is one bad ass beer. So, Iím looking to trade as the title says. Let me know.

Thank you

09:12 Mon 10/1/2012

Look at my cellar and let me know if I have anything of interest.
I love barrel aged stuff.

09:37 Mon 10/1/2012

On a sidenote: UJ + Rumpkin 50:50 mix is possibly the best pumpkin/fall spiced beer Iíve ever had.

beers 217 º places 7 º 22:36 Mon 10/1/2012

Would somebody please hook brent up with a King Henry?!?

beers 2 º 06:14 Tue 10/2/2012

Thanks Aaron.

I would also consider the following as back up;

-Hunahpu 11í or the BBA version
-Surly Darkness 11í
-BBA Plead the 5th (if in 12oz bottles then 2x)

00:47 Wed 10/3/2012

would people consider that a fair trade? I only ask because Iíve been trying to get some King Henry too.

beers 2 º 05:47 Wed 10/3/2012

How much does one bomber of King Henry cost? 3x Uncleís is $33. I might consider 4x but no more.

beers 1477 º places 112 º 07:25 Wed 10/3/2012

I donít think it has to do with $4$, more the "rarity" of King Henry, people donít want to give any of it up.

I also am not crazy enough to want 3 or 4 of the same beer for one beer, maybe if you had 4 beers of the Uncle Jacob caliber for a King Henry you MIGHT have more luck (though doubtful)

beers 217 º places 7 º 07:37 Wed 10/3/2012

Would a king henry be rare enough to pull a cbs? Bump for Brent

beers 2 º 08:36 Wed 10/3/2012

I can offer 2x Uncleís and a Crabtree Woody B/750ml. More variety and upped to $38 in value.

beers 2 º 14:05 Wed 10/3/2012

368 reviews already so Iím guessing this wonít happen.

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