FT: Allagash Wild Friendship Blend ISO: Just seeing what offers I get

Reads 1258 • Replies 7 • Started Sunday, October 29, 2017 5:42:45 PM CT

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beers 1 º 17:42 Sun 10/29/2017

Not much to say about this beer. Most should know exactly what it’s all about. This is my first time posting. I have had the bottle since the event at Allagash and it has been cellared the entire time. Curious of what you might have to trade. It will take a pretty epic trade to make me part with this bottle. Thanks!

23:49 Sun 10/29/2017

At least list some beers that you're even remotely interested in, gezzzzz

beers 10779 º places 386 º 04:11 Mon 10/30/2017

Big intrest as well. I have a pretty big cellar. Ive got about 1/3the of it in a document I could send you, so you can choose ? Might be easier than just shouting out some random names of beers for me... pm me if interested ( int to belgium )

09:30 Mon 10/30/2017

just gonna have an auction, for fun

beers 5 º 13:01 Tue 10/31/2017

Same as Cantillon version or different?

21:06 Tue 10/31/2017

Originally posted by halo3one
Same as Cantillon version or different?

They are different, I believe. The Cantillon blend used older lambics than the Allagash blend, and ended up with a lower listed ABV. Though I may need someone to confirm this. If I'm not mistaken barrels were shipped to Allagash and RR from Cantillon, so each location used three barrels (one from each brewery) and thus each blend is comprised of three completely different barrels.

beers 10779 º places 386 º 08:51 Wed 11/1/2017

kindof sucks there's still no reply though. Is this one done ?

beers 2045 º places 169 º 10:55 Wed 11/1/2017

I'll send you 3 cases (24 x 12oz cans OR bottles) of Michelob Golden Light.

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