FT: BA Mex Cake Set ISO: BA Abraxas+

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beers 120 º places 3 º 18:58 Fri 7/19/2013

I am hosting a tasting soon and am looking to snag some particular beers for it. Tasting is a chili stout theme. Looking to get BA Abraxas, Abraxas, and Kopi Speedway (this is for me, not he tasting).

I already have Mex, Cake, BA Mex Cake Set, Huna, BA Huna, Prairie Bomb, Mexas Ranger.

I am open to all offers though so hit me up. Buddy has a set to trade as well.

beers 120 º places 3 º 20:15 Fri 7/19/2013

Was looking for a regular Kopi Speedway as I already a BA Kopi but that’s not a bad beer to have more of. Haven’t had anything from Odd Side so my interest is piqued/ BM me if you want.

*Edited because I am an idiot that decided to make a post after a 30 hour shift at work and can’t spell. Thanks dmsulli

08:45 Sat 7/20/2013

*piqued, not peeked.

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