FT: Blue Mountain Barrel House 3-Bottle Collection ISO: cool beers

Reads 619 • Replies 4 • Started Wednesday, July 4, 2012 5:55:54 PM CT

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beers 1021 º places 13 º 17:55 Wed 7/4/2012

i’ve got the following 3-bottle collection from the Blue Mountain (VA) Barrel House Collection for trade. all bottles are 750ml, corked & caged. very limited release to select regions of VA.

Dark Hollow Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Local Species White Oak Barrel Aged Hoppy Belgian Ale
Mandolin White Oak Barrel Aged Saison/Tripel

i’m looking for some cool new beers, particularly local/regional barrel aged imperial stouts, porters, barleywines, strong ales, old ales, etc. as well as FRESH DIPA’s or IPA’s. i’d like to keep all 3 bottles together in one trade. i’d also not be opposed to trading all 3 for 1 really high end bottle.

mostly just looking for cool offers here and i’m certainly not interested in turning this into an auction. all offers will be responded to.

beers 14078 º places 832 º 19:35 Wed 7/4/2012

The Mandolin is bottle-conditioned, but not barrel aged.

beers 1021 º places 13 º 20:27 Wed 7/4/2012

ahh, i was mislead a bit then, haha. i honestly got some nice oak notes when i tasted it, but alas. still a great beer.

beers 12 º 02:02 Thu 7/5/2012

Those beers sold out extremely fast in my area.

beers 1707 º places 103 º 05:03 Thu 7/5/2012

Yeah, all of the beers in this series are bottle conditioned and 6 of the mare barrel aged. Also, all of them are amazing. Hopefully getting to the brewery this weekend t otry them on draft.

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