FT: Box o CCB Stuff ISO: Your Local Sours

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beers 967 º places 1 º 17:20 Mon 6/10/2013

Just looking for good shelf sours i cant get in FL - $4$...or i would go over $ for more special stuff. BM me!

Got some 750s of:
Cucumber Saison
Homefront IPA
12s of:
Cubano Espresso
Humidor IPA
Or can get cans of the regulars - Jai Alai, Helles, Maduro, Cracker
Going to CCB this wknd so could get a growler to add...check their tasting room website.


beers 3448 º places 80 º 17:48 Mon 6/10/2013

BM sent

beers 967 º places 1 º 10:18 Wed 6/12/2013

Still looking...if CCB doesnt fit your fancy, can do other locals.

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