FT: Cali Huna and Moat Water ISO: Surprise me

Reads 948 • Replies 6 • Started Thursday, July 18, 2013 6:56:07 PM CT

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18:56 Thu 7/18/2013

Title says it all. Would like to get my mitts on some 3Floyds, Jester King or Half Acre. But Id love to get my hands on some sours as well.

beers 8629 º places 274 º 20:06 Thu 7/18/2013

Oh jeez Scott youre gonna get blown up!

Originally posted by drowland
Oh jeez Scott youre gonna get blown up!

Yep, I know I done BMd.

beers 737 º places 20 º 00:20 Fri 7/19/2013

I wish I was standing behind you right now.

11:51 Fri 7/19/2013

Ha! This is closed now but I will be reaching out to a few of you. As for you Mr. Rowland, the beer scene is gonna be different in Actionville without here.

beers 8629 º places 274 º 16:44 Fri 7/19/2013

Yes, Actionville will never be the same

09:06 Sat 7/20/2013

interested in Peche N Brett, Anadromous, RR Sours, Red Poppy or Almanac #3 and #4?

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