FT: Cigar City Rares and Regs ISO: Rare Sours & Berliners

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Originally posted by daknole
Fletch, a point of reference that you want to be aware of. Pliny and RR sours are actually common shelf beers in CA and several states and easily obtainable on some mail order sites. Thatís why the honkers/tres is a fair trade. People arenít jealous of the CCB stuff he can get. But the responses could have been a little more welcoming. Shoot me a BM if you have any trading questions. Iím glad to help

this is the second time Dak has offered help via private mail in this thread. Is that not a common complaint? someone should recognize. Just sayin...

18:39 Fri 10/5/2012

Wait a minute...you guys are falling for this troll? Stop being dense, he gave it away early.

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