FT: Complete Founders Backstage Series & New Glarus ISO: Support for a Good Cause

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places 1 º 18:40 Tue 8/14/2012

We are arranging this raffle to help our friend Ashley CRUSH his fundraising goal in an effort to help raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma reseaach. Ashley is a marathoner and an avid beer nerd (just like the rest of us). He is currently training with Team in Training for his 3rd marathon, which takes place in Chicago on Oct. 7th. Three of us will be joining him in Chicago to cheer him on, and then celebrate his achievements by spending a week with him there beering it up. From there we’ll be flying out to Denver for GABF. Enough about us, onto the details!

The Prizes:

1st Place will receive: The Entire Founders Backstage Series - CBS, Blushing Monk, Better Half, and Frangelic Mountain Brown

2nd Place & 3rd Place will receive: 1 New Glarus Raspberry Tart & 1 New Glarus Belgian Red each

The Rules:

Raffle begins upon this post

Raffle Ends: August 24 at 8pm

- $10 minimum donation per entry

*in an effort to keep this competitive we are putting a 5 entry cap on the competition. We

HIGHLY encourage you to donate more if you can as this is for a good cause, but only $50

max will count toward raffle entries*

- Winners will be chosen through random selection by drawing names from a hat.

- You can only win once.

- The winners will be announced on this thread, on twitter (by @Brewdega), and contacted via

BM and/or Twitter DM within 24 hours of contest completion.

- Boxes will be shipped out within one week of contest completion

When entering/donating we ask that you please MAKE SURE to display your name on the roll call of the donation page by using your RB handle - RB (Ex. AtlCarl - RB), BA handle - BA (Ex. AtlCarl - BA), or Twitter handle - T (Ex. Brewdega - T) Failure to do so will automatically disqualify you from the competition.

DONATE HERE http://burgerandbrew.com/beerraffle/

We’d like to thank you for taking a few minutes of your time and a little bit of your your beer money to participate in our raffle to help out a good cause.

Good luck to all! Hopefully we’ll meet some of you in our travels.


Please BM/DM, or comment below if you have questions comments or concerns about this post. *I’m not avid RB user, if you have any concerns please feel free to verify with any of my BA trader references. Same user name.*

beers 227 º places 6 º 19:10 Tue 8/14/2012

Sounds like a great cause! Hope this ends up being a great success for you!

14:14 Wed 8/22/2012

Thanks for everyone who has donated and joined the raffle so far.

07:01 Thu 8/23/2012

Only 2 days left. Get your raffle tickets today:

Thanks for supporting this cause.

places 1 º 19:30 Fri 8/24/2012

Thanks to all who have helped support our effort.!The raffle was a huge success! We will drawing the winners tomorrow via ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/burger-and-brew and will also update here with the winners list and totals. Thanks again and cheers!

11:10 Sat 8/25/2012

Beer Raffle drawing on Ustream at 3pm. If you miss it, video will be archived and posted on YouTube. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/burger-and-brew

beers 3 º 11:13 Sat 8/25/2012

Originally posted by burgerandbrew
Beer Raffle drawing on Ustream at 3pm. If you miss it, video will be archived and posted on YouTube. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/burger-and-brew

3pm what time zone? I plan to watch this

11:50 Sat 8/25/2012

Eastern Time Zone

12:35 Sat 8/25/2012

Thanks for all your donations and support!

Winners have been chosen:
1st Prize: Brian Nuno - iceatalamo - RB
2nd Prize: Stephen Miko - swmike - T
3rd Prize: Peter Bochek - peteb28 - RB / BA


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