FT: Framboos ’11 or V004 ISO: Millennium Gueuze

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beers 316 º 07:31 Fri 8/3/2012

Just looking for MG at this time. Thanks!

beers 2490 º places 12 º 08:19 Fri 8/3/2012

Veritas 004?

beers 316 º 09:04 Fri 8/3/2012


beers 7164 º places 10 º 09:38 Fri 8/3/2012

Ryan didn’t ask for any commentary, guys.

Help him out or scroll past.

beers 316 º 09:39 Fri 8/3/2012

Originally posted by BelgBeerGeek
Is a 3 Fonteinen Framboos 2011 worth a Millenium ?!
Really, i don’t think so ...
A vintage framboos would do the trick but a new one not i think ...

I dont know, I guess that is the purpose of, I dont know, this ISO? Thank you for your valuable contribution.

beers 70 º 11:14 Fri 8/3/2012

Best of luck Ryan, I like this trade.

beers 316 º 11:43 Fri 8/3/2012

Originally posted by gn0sis
Best of luck Ryan, I like this trade.

Thanks Eric, I appreciate it

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