FT: Heady topper... Maybe

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beers 196 º places 9 º 15:03 Tue 7/17/2012

So the other day I found a few heady topper at a bar in their bottle section. I didnít see a date on the can and it was my first time at the bar so I have know idea how long they have been there. I had one and it was pretty good, Iíve only had the beer one other time deep into a tasting so Iím not sure I can judge by taste. Now, I donít have the cans on me at the moment and havenít had the chance to look them over since at the bar where it was pretty dark so I may have overlooked the date but does anyone know how to date these?

If confirmed fresh or if you want them anyway.
FT: 2-3 Heady Topper
ISO: Russian River offers

Thanks for the help!

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