FT: HOTD Cherry AdamFTW, LA Sede Vacante, HOTD Michael, list- ISO Hill Farmstead stuff

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places 13 º 01:11 Sat 5/11/2013

Hair of the Dog- Cherry Adam from the Wood
Lost Abbey- Sede Vacante
Firestone Walker- Parabola
Caldera- Mogli
Almanac Farmers Reserve- Farm to Barrel #1
Almanac Farmers Reserve- Farm to Barrel #2
Hair of the Dog- Michael
Logsdons- Cerasus
Upright local stuff
Block 15 local stuff
Cascade local stuff
Growlers or bottles from the OC/LA area in southern California ie: The Bruery, Bootleggers, Beachwood BBQ (the three Bs, ha) Nobel Ale Works, etc.

Hill Farmstead- Birth of Tragedy Batch 1
Hill Farmstead- GOM
Hill Farmstead- Damon
Current growlers fills :
What is Enlightenment?
Also looking for a pretrade for DB Damon, Damon and the May 25th releases, specifically the Imperial Stout. Trying to keep it around $4$ but for the HF big dogs, I will go over $4$ on some. Message if interested. Thanks

places 13 º 14:44 Sat 5/11/2013

Had a trade setup and they ended up not going this weekend. Still open. Really want some growlers. Thanks

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