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beers 140 º places 1 º 17:09 Fri 10/5/2012

FT: Southampton IRS 12
Bramble Rye
Fou’foune 12 750 mL
westy 12
Baller stout

Armand and Tommy blend
Oude geuze vintage
Armand 4 seasons
Cuvée de Castleton
Bourbon County Stout 09 bombers
Bourbon County Stout 10 and 11 (multiples)

beers 140 º places 1 º 17:27 Fri 10/5/2012

Also looking for lots of Broo doo!!!!

beers 32 º places 5 º 04:31 Sat 10/6/2012

Oversease trade???

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beers 140 º places 1 º 12:57 Sat 10/6/2012

I need to keep this domestic. The bramble is gone, but everything else is still up for grabs.

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