FT: Mornin Delight and Assasin, ISO: BA Abraxas and BA Sump

Reads 560 • Replies 2 • Started Friday, July 19, 2013 8:24:42 PM CT

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beers 8107 º places 954 º 20:24 Fri 7/19/2013

Only looking for those bottles.
BM if you are on the fence and we can work something out.

beers 226 º places 12 º 00:51 Sat 7/20/2013


beers 8107 º places 954 º 14:30 Sat 7/20/2013

I can add something nice if you are are close - for example Sante Adairius Adjunct Professor.

I would also consider a Morning Delight for BA Abraxas without the Sump option.

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