FT: RR Toronado 25, Yazoo SUE. ISO Hill farmstead beer

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beers 1593 º 11:13 Fri 9/21/2012

Hello. I have a T25 and a Yazoo SUE to trade. Both bottles are large format. I know almost everyone wants HF beer, and Im no exception. The only one im NOT as interested in (even though itís delicious) is Arthur as I have had that one several times. I will gladly expand this for more HF beers. Thank you for looking.

beers 1593 º 06:52 Wed 9/26/2012

Got several messages regarding this. All were fair and reasonable. I have responded to all of the messages but I have not heard back from any of them. My concern is that my replies were not received. If you sent me a message regarding this, please let me know via beer mail (I am receiving messages without problem) or a quick post to let me know whether or not my replies are landing in your inbox. I donít need to rush the trade or anything, I am just trying to ensure that my beermail is working. Thanks!

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