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beers 1307 º places 37 º 07:46 Sun 6/17/2012

Ok let me start off with a new one since the last offering didn’t get allot of feedback.

So in my last post i allready said that i have a 75cl bottle of De Struise Five Squared the 25% abv Quadrupel ...
But here are other goodies that i also have upt for trade if there’s someone out there that can help me out getting some stuff that i want to try.
Here are the other things i have :

FT :
Kabert - Pannepot Reserva - Motuecha

Saint Lamvinus 2011 - Rose de Gambrinus 2008

Eylenbosch ( 37,5cl ):
Cuvee Framboise 1987 - Cuvee Kriek 1987

Belle Vue :
Kriek - geuze 1987

De Ryck :
Gouden Aren ( very very good unknown tripel )

Winterkoninske Grand Cru = 13% abv Dark Strong Ale , worldclass but so udnerrated , ask everyone i’ve shared it with they’ll tell you they loved it !!!

I also have allot of other stuff that i’m willing to trade but you just have to ask since i can’t list everything here ... ( don’t look at everything of my haves in my cellar cause it’s not totally up to date )

Goose Island stuff ( big stuff ) like versions of BCS , King Henry, Night Stalker, etc ...

The Bruery Stuff , Sours and Heavy stuff

Russian River , mainly the sours

Surly , Special Stuff or 6-packs

Three FLoyds,
De Molen, but only Black Damnation 666, Steam Edition and Black Jack.
Brewdog : versions of the Abstract and Special stuff
Great Divide : Mainly other versions of the regular Yeti
Lost Abbey / Port Brewing : Allot ! but especially some Sours
Pipeworks: everything !
Mikkeller: everything that interests me !!
Pelican Pub & Brewery : anything especially mother of all storms
Samuel Adams : Heavy stuff ! / Utopias ( but that’s only for the big beers i have offcourse )
Avery : versions of the Mephistopheless , beast , other heavy stuff
Dogfish Head: Only the HEavy stuff ..

Offcourse not all of my wants are equal in wanting them or i don’t want all of this for what i have.
No , i just want to get some beers that i would love to try and trade it with beers that my trading partner to-be would love to try ....

So please can someone help me out ?
It’s so difficult to get the special / just cool stuff overhere ...

beers 1307 º places 37 º 13:14 Sun 6/17/2012

No-one ? look at my trade feedback if you don’t trust me ...

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