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Reads 637 • Replies 5 • Started Tuesday, June 11, 2013 3:28:52 PM CT

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15:28 Tue 6/11/2013

Ive got a bottle of the Hoarder Society only Confessions from the Bruery. Anyone care to make an offer?

beers 4561 º places 47 º 15:36 Tue 6/11/2013

How about some Pumking?

15:48 Tue 6/11/2013

Thank you but no thank you. Plenty of Pumking

beers 4561 º places 47 º 15:52 Tue 6/11/2013

Oh, my mistake. It was your only want listed on your profile and you haven’t listed any wants here.

beers 8 º places 1 º 16:16 Tue 6/11/2013

Wrong forum. Try beer trade. And as mentioned by callmemickey, it would be helpful if you filled out a wants list.

beers 87 º places 1 º 16:44 Tue 6/11/2013

I have some pumking too...

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