FT: Weldwerks Coconut Coffee Stout, French Toast Stout, Juicy Bits, Casey ISO:Lambic

Reads 315 • Replies 1 • Started Saturday, October 28, 2017 9:29:27 PM CT

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beers 1402 º 21:29 Sat 10/28/2017

ISO: Cantillon, 3F, TIiquin lambics


Weldwerks Coconut Coffee Stout (canned yesterday)
Weldwerks Juicy Bits (canned yesterday)
Weldwerks French Toast Stout (canned four days ago)
Casey Cut Apricot (perfection)
Casey Oak Theory 2015
Casey Saison
Casey Peach Fruit Stand
Casey Cherry Fruit Stand (Lapin)
Casey Funky Blender
Casey Biere De Garde
Casey Low End

International ok

beers 13633 º places 750 º 11:41 Sun 10/29/2017

I've got small bottles of Cantillon Classic Geuze and Rose de Gambrinus. Also a 750 of Cuvée St Gilloise. Interested in any of those? I know they aren't particularly challenging to run down, but they are delicious.

Weldwerks stouts are my main interest.

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