FT: Westvleteren, Cantillon ISO: Dark Lord 2008-2010

Reads 744 • Replies 3 • Started Saturday, July 20, 2013 3:24:24 PM CT

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15:24 Sat 7/20/2013

I have the following I'm willing put towards a trade for ideally a Dark Lord 2008-2010, but will consider other offers.

2 Westvleteren 12
2 Westvleteren 8
2 Cantillon Iris 750ml
2 Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio 375ml
1 Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 375ml

beers 1074 º places 51 º 11:20 Sun 7/21/2013

I have a 2009 Dark Lord that I'm waiting for the perfect time to open. I've never had it before so I'd kick myself if I traded it out otherwise I'd be all over those Westies.

20:05 Sun 7/21/2013

Also looking for Murda'd and Hunahpu

16:12 Mon 7/22/2013

Both westies still available but only 1 Iris and 1 Kriek left

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