Funky Buddha acquired by Constellation Brands

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beers 5439 º places 348 º 08:48 Thu 8/10/2017

From the above link:

“We chose to partner with Constellation because we saw an alignment in vision and felt they gave us the greatest opportunity for growth and development,” said Funky Buddha Head Brewer and President Ryan Sentz. “Constellation and Funky Buddha share a lot of the same ideals and passion for philanthropy, entrepreneurship and the art of craft beer. At the end of the day, we just really like the people we have met within the organization, each of whom share our dedication to making outstanding beer.”

2016 was a breakout year for Funky Buddha Brewery, receiving five gold medals in RateBeer’s Best Awards. When it came to the Best Beers by Style, they dominated the Imperial Porter category with three gold medals for Morning Wood, Wide Awake It’s Morning, and Last Buffalo in the Park. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter and Last Snow Coconut Coffee Porter both received gold medals in the Best Beers by Style Porter category. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter also was a Winner of the World Beer Cup 2016 Gold Medal in the Specialty Beer category. And as the engine behind these high-quality beers, the Funky Buddha team was recognized by placing in the Top 100 Brewers category.

“Adding a fantastic regional brand such as Funky Buddha to our craft beer portfolio, along with Ballast Point, advances our strategy in continuing to lead the high-end beer segment,” said Paul Hetterich, executive vice president and president of the beer division at Constellation Brands. “The Sentz family has created a culture of bold creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Those qualities, combined with our beer division’s market reach, distributor partnerships, consumer insights, and our craft expertise within Ballast Point, will help nurture and develop Funky Buddha’s distinctive brand.”

Constellation Brands and Funky Buddha Brewery’s team of employees will continue to work together, with Ryan and KC Sentz running the day-to-day operations. Funky Buddha’s standard of brewing will remain unchanged, delivering the same culinary-style, creative beer consumers and craft beer enthusiasts celebrate today.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

beers 10651 º places 821 º 08:53 Thu 8/10/2017

Hopefully they start showing up in Ohio because of this

beers 17480 º places 1046 º 08:55 Thu 8/10/2017

They should have said they saw an alignment in the stars.

beers 6 º places 2 º 08:55 Thu 8/10/2017

After Anchor, this makes the second brewery to be bought up in [arbitrarily-assigned-short-ish-seeming-span-of-time]. Since things always happen in threes, who will be the next lucky bastards???

beers 2066 º places 38 º 09:43 Thu 8/10/2017

Constellation Brands is headquartered in my small town, so I alway like seeing them acquire new breweries.

beers 633 º places 22 º 10:55 Thu 8/10/2017

Im looking forward to seeing Sam at DFH comments on this one since they are very buddy, buddy.

beers 633 º places 22 º 10:59 Thu 8/10/2017

The rumor of them selling had been going on for more than 6 months now. Everyone saw this coming here.

beers 5855 º places 59 º 12:45 Thu 8/10/2017

Any myths offered?

beers 8365 º places 50 º 13:45 Thu 8/10/2017
beers 2032 º places 251 º 17:21 Thu 8/10/2017

i will take easy acess to Last Snow.

beers 14609 º places 583 º 17:22 Thu 8/10/2017

I love the comments over on reddit about "maybe this is a money saving measure since now they can buy artificial flavoring in bulk".