GABF. brewery recommendations

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beers 23 º places 69 º 11:57 Wed 8/30/2017

I am going to assist to my second GABF and I want to be ready for that festival. I am travelling from Barcelona so I don't know too many breweries from the States.

I am doing a list for the breweries that I HAVE TO try, but I would really appreaciate any other breweries that I can't miss it too.

My list:

Three Floyds Brewing
Bottle Logic Brewing
Funky Buddha Brewery
Russian River Brewing Company
Great Divide Brewing Co.
Great Notion Brewing
Green Cheek Beer Co.
The Rare Barrel
The Bruery
Parkersburg Brewing Co
Toppling Goliath Brewing Co
WeldWerks Brewing Co.
Pizza Port
Modern Times
Revolution Brewing

Sierra Nevada
Firestone Walker

Breweries at GABF:

Also if someone would like to do a trade, drop me a message.

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beers 7057 º places 439 º 12:13 Wed 8/30/2017

You should add New Glarus, Perennial if they are there, Societe, and Lost Abbey to your list. I am sure I will think of more. Revolution, why?

beers 10772 º places 420 º 13:51 Wed 8/30/2017

La Cumbre

beers 10321 º places 301 º 16:40 Wed 8/30/2017

Solid list. Curious about how Green Cheek, Parkersberg and Revolution are on it though?

beers 7120 º places 260 º 17:34 Wed 8/30/2017

Second on La Cumbre. Also, Shorts can have interesting stuff. Also, don't worry to much about the heavy hitters. Wander around and find a lot of really good unknown breweries.

beers 6645 º places 35 º 17:59 Wed 8/30/2017

Captain Lawrence for their sours.

Kane is probably the best in New Jersey.

beers 26066 º places 725 º 23:45 Wed 8/30/2017

The Rare Barrel is overestimated

beers 23 º places 69 º 02:15 Thu 8/31/2017

Thanks everyone. The list is still growing :) Thanks for all your advices.

I chose Revolution because I have good memories when I was in Chicago. The other ones are recommendations

Still looking for more recommendations, especially for Juicy IPA's / DIPAS and good Imperial Stouts

beers 10651 º places 821 º 04:20 Thu 8/31/2017

Originally posted by jredmond
Solid list. Curious about how Green Cheek, Parkersberg and Revolution are on it though?

State ticks probably. Parkersburg is from WV. One of, if not the best in the state.