Gales Festival Mild clone recipe

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The following GALES FESTIVAL MILD clone recipe is loosely based on Roger Protzs Real Ale Almanac. Have any of you brewed a similar recipe? Any tips?

6 US Gallons = 5 Imperial Gallons = 22.7 Liters

87% ≈ 9.7lb ≈ 4.4kg, Maris Otter Two-Row Pale Malt
5% ≈ .56lb ≈ .25kg, Brown Sugar
3% ≈ .33lb ≈ .15kg, Crystal/Caramel ≈ 40L
3% ≈ .33lb ≈ .15kg, Black Patent Malt
2% ≈ .23lb ≈ .10kg, Torrified Wheat

Bittering hops: 1.5oz = 43g, Fuggles, 90 minutes
Flavor hops: .5oz = 14g, Goldings, 10 minutes

Mash @ 156/69C until converted. 90 minute boil.

OG ≈ 1.054, ABV ≈ 4.9%, IBU ≈ 25, SRM ≈ 18

Couple pinches of calcium carbonate in mash. Irish moss near end of boil for clarity.

Ferment with Wyeast 1332 "Northwest Ale" which is from the Hales Brewery in Seattle, Washington, USA (hence, Pacific "Northwest") but originally from the historic Gales English ale strain.

Prime with 1/3 cup brown sugar, boiled with some water.

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