Gänstaller Bräu availability in Germany/ PLZN

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beers 6899 º places 314 º 04:20 Sat 9/30/2017

While our upcoming beer trip in Bavaria/ Franconia/ Saxsony/ Nordrhein-Westfalen focuses on small, countryside brewpubs, we are very curious about Ganstaller beers, especially their rauchbier. We'll be at the brewery's proximity, but it's not open to the public. Any clue about bars or stores that carry their stuff is appreciated.
We'll be all over - Bamberg, Wirzburg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Dusseldorf, Essen, Koln, Leipzig and Plzn are the focal points of the trip.

beers 13015 º places 414 º 04:34 Sat 9/30/2017

This is not going to be fun for you. Your best bet to try Gänstaller beers is at festivals abroad or to make an appointment with the brewer at the brewery (if he has time, of course).

The only places in and around Bamberg that sell Gänstaller beers are:

- Eckerts (Zwickelpils)
- Stöhrenkeller (usually the Kellerbier)
- Café Abseits (used to have bottles, now not anymore, sometimes has a keg on)

Bierothek might have some bottles, but not always, and so will all the other Bierotheks in the other citys.

You will definitely be able to try the Zwickelpils since that one is always on (and probably the Kellerbier), but it's a total gamble if you're gonna find Affumicator, Rauch Royal, or any of the other not-so-standard ones.

I'd suggest sending a message to Andreas Gänstaller, maybe he's around when you are in the area.

beers 12437 º places 613 º 04:52 Sat 9/30/2017

When You are in Essen, You could make a detour to Rudat's in Dortmund, sometimes Gänstaller Biere are available there!

beers 13429 º places 109 º 08:01 Sat 9/30/2017

Rudat I can recommend anyway :) and Schneider in Köln has it regularly as well...

beers 28840 º places 22 º 08:56 Sat 9/30/2017

Originally posted by Erzengel
Schneider in Köln has it regularly as well...

I don't hink so, also the homepage says they don't have those right now.

beers 6899 º places 314 º 10:42 Sat 9/30/2017

Thank you all for the information!

beers 19483 º places 482 º 11:05 Sat 9/30/2017

Contact Andreas. Best option. He is one of the best guys in this game..

beers 8917 º places 229 º 12:31 Sat 9/30/2017

Originally posted by Dedollewaitor
Contact Andreas. Best option. He is one of the best guys in this game..

+1000. One of the nicest and most humble human beings you will ever meet.

beers 12437 º places 613 º 15:35 Mon 10/2/2017

Today two different Gänstaller brews available at Rudat, Dortmund...

beers 24064 º places 68 º 16:00 Mon 10/2/2017

Contact Andreas
Although it says brewery not open to the public, if you contact him in advance, he is normally happy to receive people from Ratebeer as long as it is convenient. I've met him several times and he is nothing other than very polite and helpful.

beers 6899 º places 314 º 11:11 Fri 10/6/2017

Thank you all for persuading us to contact Andreas. We visited today. He IS one of the nicest people we've met, the brewery is fascinating and the beer is superb!