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beers 99 º places 87 º 09:52 Sat 3/17/2012

what is the best german city(bier wise)to live in-for a month- that i can easily travel in the morning to a french city and easily travel back in the evening(to the german city i left in the morning).
off hand,i am thinking karlsruhe and strasbourg or freiburg and colmar?
is there a better option?

beers 10932 º places 348 º 17:15 Sun 3/18/2012

Karlsruhe/Strassbourg would be the best in the area - several breweries/brewpubs in Karlsruhe and surrounding area, and a good beer store in Strassbourg - nothing spectacular but not bad. Freiburg/Colmar is prettier but only a couple of places in Freiburg and nothing in Colmar beerwise.

beers 475 º places 15 º 12:26 Mon 3/19/2012

Im from freiburg so i can tell you something about this city. The city has one brewery (Ganter), two brewpubs (Feierling and Martins Bru) and one beerbar (Bierhaus). BEsides that, you will find some smaller and bigger breweries in the region. Some of them produce quite good beer. But dont expect something extraordinary here.