Get your M&S ticks in if you want them Europe !

Reads 969 • Replies 5 • Started Tuesday, November 8, 2016 7:17:25 AM CT

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beers 37132 º places 1201 º 07:17 Tue 11/8/2016

M &S closing up shops ...

’Dunkirk moment’

It also plans to shut 53 international stores, including all 10 in China, half of its stores in France and all its shops in Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

beers 2114 º places 4 º 07:43 Tue 11/8/2016

I voted leave

beers 9041 º places 213 º 07:51 Tue 11/8/2016

No beers to be really missed fortunately.

beers 16438 º places 1612 º 15:14 Tue 11/8/2016

Yes I saw that, phew.. least I managed to get a place rating for the Den Haag M&S :-)

beers 10616 º places 101 º 15:18 Tue 11/8/2016

Originally posted by Gary
I voted remain

beers 6586 º places 259 º 14:15 Wed 11/9/2016

Still looking for:
-American Pale Ale
-Greenwich Black IPA
-American IPA
-Flat White Porter
-Single Variety Hop Citra IPA
-American Laid Back IPA
-White IPA
-American Pale
-English Whisky Barrel Aged Greenwich Ale
-Southwold Spruce IPA
Barrel Aged Greenwich Hospital Porter
-Single Variety Hop Mosaic IPA
-Black IPA
-6 Malt Cornish Stout
-Norfolk Nip
-Bourbon Barrel Aged Greenwich Ale

And all their ciders, perries and other unrated porters, stouts and IPA’s related stuff...