Goats and Bock beers

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Originally posted by Marko
Originally posted by GT2
Bock means goat in German

Actually, just male goats. Bock = buck.

The female and "generic" term for a goat is Ziege.

As in:

Kako si Marko?

partially true. Ziege does mean goat, and bock can mean buck. however, more commonly you have bock referring to a ram or billy goat.
as in Schafsbock or Ziegenbock.

re: wikipedia, 1 never trust wikipedia:)
2) its pseudo right, with the connection between Einbeck and Munich, but Einbeck is the city it was brewed in originally and the name is slightly different (Ainpock or something) in Bavaria, we are talking 1600s and later it went to Bock.

something along those lines.

just checked German wikipedia and it said something similar ;)