Going to do a macro lager blind taste taste this summer to prove something

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beers 3570 º places 66 º 13:10 Sun 6/23/2013

I was arguing with co-workers that there is not a big difference between all of the American macro lagers flavors. It was annoying me when we would talk about beer and hear them say "I LOVE Miller Lite but I can’t drink even a sip of Bud Light without spitting it out and throwing it out". First off, they know I am a beer nerd, but they still argue that there is a HUGE difference in taste between all of the macros. So I invited them to come to a blind taste test and see how accurate they are. A bunch of them said if I included Bud, Miller, Coors, Pabst, Old Milwaukee and a bunch of other macros they could even pick out which is which. Obviously I don’t believe this but I am willing to bet the beer they think they like the best out of them is not the beer they will pick if you take the name, commercials and stigma out of what they are drinking. Anyone ever try something like this?

beers 9210 º places 292 º 13:15 Sun 6/23/2013

I don’t know which is which since I don’t drink them, but they most definitely taste different from each other. You will probably find that yourself during your blind test. However, I suspect that your buddies won’t be able to identify them as well as they think.

beers 2211 º places 45 º 13:16 Sun 6/23/2013

Will you be including any N/A beers? That would be fun.

beers 884 º places 12 º 13:17 Sun 6/23/2013

I’ve always wanted to do this, but can’t find where they sell singles of any of these, and I don’t really want like ten 6pks of random pale lagers.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 13:21 Sun 6/23/2013

Pretty sure anyone could pick out a Coors light vs. a Bud light. Pabst and a few others would be noticeable to me vs. the big 3, but against the odd balls I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Make sure you get the beers as fresh as possible.

beers 355 º places 72 º 13:38 Sun 6/23/2013

I did this once with bud light, miller lite and coors light and got them pretty easy. If you added more though, as RG said, I would have no chance.

beers 712 º places 18 º 13:41 Sun 6/23/2013

I’m sure i could taste the subtle differences, but as far as identifying them from there flavor, no way.

beers 10001 º places 672 º 14:07 Sun 6/23/2013

For me I’d go paper is bud light, green apple is Coors light, and bizarre acidity and bite is PBR. But add in stuff I don’t drink ever like miller lite then I’d be turned around. So maybe only do like 4 at a time and tell them which ones are in the mix to make it fair.

I hope you video the whole thing because your friends are about to be schooled.

beers 2451 º places 57 º 14:27 Sun 6/23/2013

Cool challenge. Mix in a couple of non macros just to see how they fare, perhaps a Yuengling or a New Glarus two women lager.

And I doubt that people who aren’t accustomed to picking out and differentiating flavors will fare very well in this venture. This is something that takes experience and practice.

places 72 º 14:39 Sun 6/23/2013

Put in a few of them twice as well.

beers 470 º places 10 º 14:42 Sun 6/23/2013

I would love to watch this one and the reactions when folks are told what their choices were. =) I would participate even if it was just to see which crappy beer I thought tasted the best.