Going to do a macro lager blind taste taste this summer to prove something

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You know, of course, that they’ll all have to be served at 35 degrees - as recommended by their advertising.

That’s going to go a long way toward making them impossible to differentiate.

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I’ve done this myself and have seen it done. Beer nerds tend to be able to pick out macro lagers quite well.

People who say they prefer one macro lager over another rarely beat chance.

When doing your test be sure to use eight or more macro brands.

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Ha. I once blind taste tested Bud Lite and Miller Lite. This was at a bowling alley when I was a beer n00b back in 2008. I insisted I liked Miller better, and that I could tell the difference. I picked Bud Lite. Therefore, I would not be surprised if your experiment proves the same of what I experienced.

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There are certainly differences, as I’ve noted by ticking virtually anything I can get for less than $2 a tallboy. I could probably pick out a Pabst, Genny Cream, or a regular Budweiser in a blind taste, since those have more distinctive flavors. I haven’t had any of the "light" versions of the big three in several years, so I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pick them out in a blind tasting. I did find that the Genesee-brewed brands tend to be the least offensive of the macro lagers, so it would be neat to see how any of those would hold up; either the main brands, or the store-specific ones like Port Republic or Big Flats.

Also, throw in a craft pale lager or imperial pale just to see how it does!

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Originally posted by b33r
I’ve always wanted to do this, but can’t find where they sell singles of any of these, and I don’t really want like ten 6pks of random pale lagers.

Really it’s so hard in USA?
Here in Europe you can buy single bottles or cans everywhere

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Originally posted by pinkie
I would love to watch this one and the reactions when folks are told what their choices were. =) I would participate even if it was just to see which crappy beer I thought tasted the best.


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Make sure they are ice cold.

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Ever let some malt liquor sit out a while and include it in a blind lambic tasting? The results are hilarious.

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We did this at a tasting many years ago. Miller Lite, Bud Light, and Coors Light. You could pick out some subtle differences. I got the Miller Lite correct (most flavor). Coors Light and Bud Light I got switched up. I was assuming Bud Light would have have the least amount of flavor, but it actually was Coors Light.

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Did this about 7 years ago with about 10 different beers - several people in the group swore they could pick out Budweiser without a problem. Threw in a Sam Adams just to be interesting. No one could pick out their favorite (except for the Sam Adams which stood out like a sore thumb). Old Style was the highest rated but Milwaukee’s Best was a surprising second.