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05:06 Tue 3/28/2017

I have few questions,
If the recipe calls far a dual temp mash, say 30 min @130° then 60min @ 150°, it takes the Grainfather some time to increase 20°. Should it still be 90 min total or 30 minutes at lower temp, then heat to higher temp before starting timer for additional 60 min? (I am using the original controller not the new smart one)
Also I think I am sparging wrong. I have sparged every batch with the sparge water at mash temp. I’ve since noticed that recipes on the Grainfather app are sparging at 167°. What should I be doing? All my recipes so far have been from the 200 clones book and it does not specify sparging temp.


beers 1955 º places 15 º 05:55 Tue 3/28/2017

homebrewtalk copy/paste / ringtone link spam alert.

beers 2449 º places 57 º 10:15 Tue 3/28/2017

I can’t wait to see what ringtone link he sends us later on. I’m all a tither.

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