Gravity points for priming

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beers 34 º 10:17 Fri 11/2/2012

How do you determine how many gravity points you need to add to your beer to prime to a certain carbonation level?

Ex. I had 3.5 gallons of beer, shooting for 2.4 volumes of CO2. I think I added 3 oz of cane sugar. Ended up going from 1.010 FG to 1.015 when going into the bottle.

beers 3439 º places 209 º 11:42 Fri 11/2/2012

do you have any software? I’d recommend getting beersmith... Also, sounds like you bottled way to soon on the other beer.

places 1 º 11:53 Fri 11/2/2012

Here is an online calc:

I think it’s something like .02 gravity points gives you 2 vols of CO2, which with the residual CO2 in solution (temp depending) should be around average (2.5 vol) carbonation.

beers 2444 º places 19 º 12:00 Fri 11/2/2012

my understanding is that each point of gravity is 0.5 VOC, and if you have still beer you can assume there is already 1 VOC

so if you want 2.5 VOC total you need to bump the gravity by 3 points

so a 5 point bump would put you around 3.5 VOC (1 at atmospheric pressure +2.5)

beers 2444 º places 19 º 12:01 Fri 11/2/2012

most bottles (12 or 22oz) are rated at 3 VOC but can handle about 3.8 (or more) as a safety that isn’t advertised.

beers 2166 º places 63 º 22:00 Fri 11/2/2012

Originally posted by DA
Here is an online calc:


I’ve never cared about the effect on gravity, only the ratio of the weight of the sugar or DME to gallons of beer. I guess you could do it as a gravity calculation, but that feels like overthinking the problem.

And those numbers are ounces by weight, not volume.

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