Great Taste of the Midwest 2012 Thread

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beers 7164 º places 10 º 20:06 Thu 5/31/2012

Ok, kids!

Confirmation received that GTMW lottery responses are out. Saw a friend got his denial.. the little card said a little under 40% of entries got filled. That seems pretty high.. usually closer to 30%..

Either way, when those start going out.. I start the thread.

Letís hear it.. who won? Whoíll be there?


beers 1475 º places 67 º 20:06 Thu 5/31/2012


Sixth year in a row for me and the missus.

beers 2037 º places 14 º 20:14 Thu 5/31/2012

Lost on the lottery, but still hoping to scrounge up some tickets somehow!

beers 88 º places 1529 º 20:46 Thu 5/31/2012

Hopefully that means Iíll find out tomorrow. Iíll be in Madison regardless.

beers 8752 º places 278 º 20:55 Thu 5/31/2012

cbfobes has a ticket for me, him, and our wives. Hoping to make it up again!

beers 1591 º places 63 º 20:57 Thu 5/31/2012

Sent in two envelopes, got two denials. Might still come for the Friday activities.

beers 2427 º places 102 º 05:32 Fri 6/1/2012

My dad got a denial, I havenít seen a denial or confirmation yet. So definitely ISO at least 2 tickets.

beers 11 º 05:35 Fri 6/1/2012

I could possibly have an extra pair of tickets for sale (face-value of course), Iíll post any update in this thread. It appears our friends canít make it...

beers 1381 º places 106 º 05:39 Fri 6/1/2012

Got the rejection yesterday. Bummer, I have really enjoyed this for the last 2 years.

ISO 2 tickets if anyone has extra

beers 316 º 05:53 Fri 6/1/2012

Havenít got any rejection notices yet, so fingers crossed

beers 316 º 06:12 Fri 6/1/2012

I take that back, I just checked my bank account and it was down $100 mysteriously this morning....see you in Madison!