Great Taste of the Midwest 2012 Thread

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beers 3750 º places 321 º 09:35 Fri 6/1/2012

Originally posted by TheAlum
Ok, kids!

Confirmation received that GTMW lottery responses are out. Saw a friend got his denial.. the little card said a little under 40% of entries got filled. That seems pretty high.. usually closer to 30%..

Either way, when those start going out.. I start the thread.

Let’s hear it.. who won? Who’ll be there?


My check was cashed so it is time to make plans. I’ll have an extra if anyone didn’t luck out.

beers 3750 º places 321 º 09:36 Fri 6/1/2012

Originally posted by nasty31
what hotel should i stay at? that affordable and good location?

There is a Doubletree near the Brick House that is currently $152 a night. The location is about halfway between the Friday festivities (Maduro, the Dane, etc) and Olin Park.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 10:11 Fri 6/1/2012

I’ve had good luck staying at the Hilton. The Sheraton used to be horrible but it is now updated quite a bit. Madison Concourse is awesome but $$$$$. Taxis to and from downtown are cheap, usually under $10. I’m pretty sure they are free when leaving the GTMW, so a ride back into town for a $5 tip isn’t bad at all.

beers 7164 º places 10 º 10:13 Fri 6/1/2012

I’ve stayed at the Madison Concourse my first year and the Sheraton ever since.

Not sure where I’ll be this year yet..

beers 7164 º places 10 º 10:14 Fri 6/1/2012

Cabs are $1 from the festival.. but the line gets pretty big.

A lot of the downtown hotels do shuttles (Madison Concourse did one my firs year I remember).

beers 1589 º places 63 º 10:17 Fri 6/1/2012

The Hilton doesn’t have a shuttle service, I know that much. Walking back downtown is only about 25 minutes and a good way to shake your blackout off.

beers 7510 º places 138 º 10:18 Fri 6/1/2012

I’ll be @ the Sheraton on Friday night if anyone wants to meet up.

beers 1353 º places 18 º 11:05 Fri 6/1/2012

Struck out again this year, 3rd time in a row now. Maybe I need to slide some cash in my envelope next year to make sure I get them.

Looking for 2 if anyone has extras.

beers 571 º places 4 º 18:12 Fri 6/1/2012

Originally posted by madvike
And I feel like I need to wear a "My Ratebeer Name is _____" nametag, otherwise I’ll be walking past RB people all day without knowing it.

Who needs a name tag when you have wear your avatar on your shirt??

beers 9053 º places 284 º 18:53 Fri 6/1/2012

I wore a RateBeer shirt last year and ran into lots of folks. Also, someone called out "RateBeer is for fags!" or something like that in passing. Not sure if they were kidding or not...