Greenhaus in Germantown-Schnitzelburg

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10:19 Sat 12/31/2011

Hi. I wanted to introduce myself to the Ratebeer community. My name is Daniel and I co-own/run Greenhaus. I select the beer myself and usually have between 75-100 different brews in here at all times. My focus in choosing the beer is to reflect my own taste and the taste of the community around us. I also carry about the same amount in bottles of wine and a little bit of booze. We also carry mid century/vintage/primitive furniture and decor, records, succulents and airplants and chocolate. Stop by sometime and check us out. 2227 S. Preston St. Louisville Ky, 40217. Thanks for reading.

beers 2097 º places 153 º 11:56 Sat 12/31/2011

I visited the other day and you’re off to a positive start; there are so many promising places coming together in Germantown. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area!