Gumball head?

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places 14 º 10:13 Wed 5/16/2012

Iíve got a mule lined up to bring me a case of gumball head from Louisville area. Any idea where to find it? Does 3F not sell year round brew in Ky? Do I hafta bribe him into crossing the river and if so where in New Albany can I send him? Havenít had this brew since it was a seasonal in bombers only and Iím really hoping I can get some.


beers 11411 º places 364 º 16:15 Wed 5/16/2012

Should be at the Liquor Barns or if not, The Keg (across the river in Clarksville and New Albany).

places 14 º 16:46 Wed 5/16/2012

Thanks Shrubber. I called a Liqour barn and they said in the computer, but not in stock...Iíll try the others.

beers 3219 º places 198 º 17:07 Sat 5/19/2012

they had it at the Zanzabar. Worst case scenario, call them to see who supplied it to them and then call the supplier to see who else theyíve sold it to.