Happy Fathers Day Gentlemen

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beers 2553 º places 53 º 04:52 Sun 6/17/2012

Iím not a father, myself. However, I will be celebrating pretty hard with my Dad. Whats on tap for you guys today?

Weíre looking at running though:

Splitting a DFH 120

Then he will be off to Sculpins and Iíll be off to a few imp stouts that I have here.. maybe even crack a speedway today to celebrate.


beers 5827 º places 35 º 05:27 Sun 6/17/2012

Iíve got several local growlers including Kane Head High and Carton 077XX to hit up before turning to bottles.

beers 396 º places 16 º 05:46 Sun 6/17/2012

Brewing a DIPA and drinking Summer Love. Will probably punctuate the evening with a Plead the Fifth.

beers 1094 º places 52 º 11:47 Sun 6/17/2012

04 KRE for me

beers 2691 º places 31 º 12:22 Sun 6/17/2012

Brewing a saison, drinking homebrew hefe and later some Smuttynose IPA (as usual).

beers 5541 º places 212 º 12:41 Sun 6/17/2012

Tho a father, some think of me as a real mother!

beers 4930 º places 262 º 12:46 Sun 6/17/2012

My wife and kids got me a huge all purpose gas, charcoal, and smoker grill. So we will be grilling some steaks. I will most likely be drinking the Sam Adams IPA sampler. Hope the rest of the fathers out there have a great day. Shawn

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beers 1165 º places 60 º 12:52 Sun 6/17/2012

My dad personally hates beer. Weíve smoked pot together, though.
We may share a bottle of rum on ice or something... I dunno.

But, yeah, Happy Fatherís Day!!!

places 1 º 13:08 Sun 6/17/2012

I got a finger in the eye from my daughter this morning (I think my cornea is scratched, hurts like hell), other than that still enjoying fatherís day w/ some good brews.

beers 4141 º places 116 º 13:09 Sun 6/17/2012

As soon as Ennikillen arrives a growler of Russian River Noble Experiment Saison Blonde and a few other bottles half full from yesterdays tasting with bhensonb and Marcus that I corked (Marin Old Idpsea BB Brett, CC Zhukovs BB DB 2010 and Kalevipoeg BP, and a Dogwood 2003 Excellent Adventure)