Has anyone had FedEx mixed up packages?

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Originally posted by khoffman43
Originally posted by Homer321
What’s the bonus for first and fourth shipments? If I do the math right, 40,000 points for a $25 giftcard, at 10 points per dollar, is $4,000 in shipping. At $15 a box, that’s 266 boxes. Did I forget to move the decimal or something?

Bonus for 1st and 4th shipment is for the Delta Skymiles thing, you get 500 extra miles on each of those shipments.

Your math is correct, I think the program is designed more for businesses.

They regularly have bonus points. I’ve gotten a few gift cards out of it. Not a great system, but I’m getting something for a service I use anyway and I also get points from using my Chase Freedom card. Chase points are generous. On average, I end up with about $1000 back a year on that card and always pay it off in full.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 08:40 Wed 6/26/2013

Yeah, everyone should probably have a chase freedom + penfed credit card. I bet I get a grand back a year from random points.

beers 2052 º places 169 º 08:50 Wed 6/26/2013

I get about $100 a month with my current credit card, + every two months I get a $25 gas card thing. Works alright.

beers 5202 º places 54 º 10:14 Wed 6/26/2013

Well, now that we’ve totally derailed this thread...is there a fee for chase freedom? I’ve been hooked on my cap1 venture. I get 2% back to spend on travel. And they gave me $1,000 travel credit for signing up last year. But annual fee of $79 or so.

beers 2052 º places 169 º 11:38 Wed 6/26/2013

I use 2 cards. Delta Skymiles (AmEx) that gave me 25,000 miles for signing up and I get 1 companion ticket per year where its buy 1 flight, get one for $50ish. My other is a Usbank signature card, I use this more often. 1.5% on all purchases, but I get to pick 3 categories to get larger %’s. This quarter I have gas stations (3%), restauratns (5%) and department stores (5%)