Head Brewer position at La Cumbre Brewing Co.

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La Cumbre Brewing Co. is a brewer-owned, brewer-run production brewery in beautiful Albuquerque,
NM, specializing in the production of some of the world’s finest ales and lagers. The uncompromised
production of our beers has led to a great deal of industry recognition in the 18 months that we have
been open, and it has allowed for our continued expansion to over 4,000 bbls this year. With the
addition of this capacity and a 4 head canning line from Wild Goose, we are seeking an experienced
head brewer to lead us into our future packaging and expansions.

Education is nice, but not necessary.
At least 5 years of brewing experience, with at least 3 years in a production brewery of 5,000 bbls or more, with experience working in ALL facets of the brewery.
An undying anal retentiveness when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
An ability to lift 55 lbs. 20+ times a day and all the physical requirements of any brewing job.
A working knowledge of HVAC, plumbing and electrical, and any mastery is a HUGE +++.
A working knowledge of lab procedures including but not limited to cell counting/viability testing, CO2 and packaged air testing, and all aspects of wort analysis.
An absolutely exceptional ability to work with others and manage a team of brewers in a manner that both gets the job done, and makes everyone feel valued and a part of the team.
Fluency with Microsoft Office and Quickbooks a +++. Spanish fluency is also a +++.
Really, the most important quality to us is that you have shown, through past or current employment, that you are dedicated to making the finest beer possible. If you currently work for a great brewery, but have reached a ceiling, drop us a line. I, personally, am looking for an employee, a boss, a partner that can complement my own skills by bringing with them many of the skills that I lack.

Your responsibility would be to work in conjunction with the Master Brewer/President and the brewery team on all facets of brewing including but not limited to:
Brewhouse operation. (We currently have a 15 bbl decoction-capable brewhouse, and we use it!)
Transfers (mostly unfiltered), FV and BBT CIP.
Production schedule.
Scrupulously monitor fermentation and overall yeast performance.
Installation and maintenance of equipment. (Need to seriously work on grain handling.)
Keg cleaning, filling, inventory and maintenance. (no one in our brewery is “above” any job)
Canning line operation.
Receiving and inventory of raw goods and packaging materials.
Hiring and training of brewery staff.

This is a salaried position with paid time off, health and dental insurance. We’re a very young company, but we are actively pursuing other benefits including 401(k) as well as profit sharing and/or ESOP. We are a team. The management here is committed to helping bring brewery positions out of the dark ages by truly working with and taking care of the brewery sta

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I wish! With the way you’re going, you’ll find someone awesome.

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If you haven’t yet, please post to Facebook. I’ll spread the word.