Heading home to E Texas

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beers 2 º 20:52 Wed 7/3/2013

Iím heading home to East Texas next week for family biz and its been a while. Only in the last year has my home county become wet and when I left Texas way back in the early 90ís there were no breweries in N Texas at all. Needless to say, Iím not particularly in tune with the comings and goings of the beer biz in my home state.

Any suggestions on where I might hit for a pint in DFW to Tyler areas? Anyone up for grabbing a pint with me while Iím in town? I get in Monday night and leave Thursday morning.

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Rickís a solid dude BTW! Maybe post in the Texas local forums?

beers 2 º 09:31 Thu 7/4/2013

Thanks buddy. Good idea

10:13 Thu 7/4/2013

1. I didnít know youíre from TX.

2. I thought, from your thread title, youíd be going back to virtual TX...like maybe perusing all that the web has to offer on the state.

3. Flying Saucer in Addisonís pretty choice.

4. If you like BBQ, hit up http://www.hardeightbbq.com/ - not cheap, but really good. I LOVE their sauce. Nearest I could guess was that they use either apple cider, or AC vinegar, which helps make it really complex and yummy.

beers 2 º 12:46 Sat 7/6/2013

Yeah, first 18 years of life I was a Texan but have been away ever since. Iím hoping to find a nice little brewery in Dallas when Iím there since when I last visited they didnít have any. Iíll have to hit up hard eight for sure

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beers 6158 º places 101 º 15:50 Sat 7/6/2013

Are you staying in Tyler or DFW? If DFW, what part? We have a lot of great spots now but since the area is so spread out it will be easier to make recommendations with that info.

beers 2 º 17:45 Sat 7/6/2013

Iím in Tyler for a couple days and in Dallas two nights. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

beers 2 º 14:03 Tue 7/9/2013

Had dinner & beers at the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas last night. Food was great, the place was hopping and the beers were pretty good as well. It was really interesting, being from the NW & having a few different IPAís. None of the beers I had except maybe the Founderís Centennial would have passed for an IPA back in the NW. The Percolas was closer in color to a brown ale and had no real discernible hop character at all. It was something of a cross between and brown and an amber.

Just got to Tyler & canít find anyplace that has any actual beer to speak of just a bunch of Light options and Shiner Bock. This is going to be a long couple of days.

beers 2 º 14:56 Thu 7/11/2013

My trip home was a mixed bag to say the least. In the years since my last visit things have definitely improved. You can now get a drink in my home town & the beer stores are starting to stock some homegrown beers, some of which were extremely good.

The things that were most disappointing were the rules the TABC has regarding how a brewery can operate, sell, taste, operate their brewery for visitors vs selling retail in other places. The fact that I couldnít hit up a brewery for a couple pints in the tasting room was really disheartening. Hopefully this will be remedied very soon.

The other big disappointment was the attitude of the people. I guess my time in the NW, CO, MI and my travels have led me to believe that a larger percentage of the people recognize that craft beer is superior and not just a passing fad. I heard more people in Texas referring to craft beer as "fancy" beer than Iíve heard since the early 90ís. Texas is clearly 30 years behind the times in more things than politics. They clearly have not embraced craft beer. All that said, I think they will come around in a very big way much much sooner than later. In the next 5 years youíll see it take off in a very big way.

15:09 Thu 7/11/2013

As a native Houstonian, I will say that youíre spot on about the TABC rules being VERY disappointing.

However, I think the state is embracing craft beer more than you experienced. Itís quite evident in the larger cities (especially Austin and Houston. possibly also Dallas, I just canít speak to it as I havenít been up there in a few years). Last year, and Iím not going back to look to back up this statement, Texas was among the top 5-8 states in brewery growth in the country. Just this past legislative session, new laws were passed that will allow tasting rooms at breweries (still no on-premise sales to go, unless youíre a brewpub) and that is a big step.

There are some good beers being brewed down here, theyíre just from breweries that are 1-3 years old and that havenít yet grown to a size that allows them to be available outside of the state (for some, outside of the city).