Heading to Cyprus 22-29/4

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beers 4452 º places 120 º 10:44 Mon 4/4/2016

I am going to Cyprus for a week of well deserved vacation in a couple of weeks, and will be in Ayia Napa 22-29/4. Do we have anyone from Cyprus here or anyone who has any recommendations when it comes to Ayia Napa?

I would typically be interested in maybe trading some local stuff etc.

beers 32957 º places 677 º 15:27 Mon 4/4/2016

It has been three years since my last visit to the Island. We also stayed in Aiya Napa, and there were no good beer bars, that I could find. I looked at the websites of the Cypriotic microbreweries, as they gave information on where their beers can be found. That led me on a beer walk trying to find them on the local bars. I found the beers but no good bars. My best beer experience was renting a car and driving to the other side of the island and visiting Aphrodite’s Rock and drinking some cask ales at the brewery.


The link below will give you a list of members from Cyprus: