Help taking apart a corny keg...

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beers 2891 º places 53 º 14:38 Wed 2/1/2012

I have both 12 point and 6 point, they are used soda kegs that I rebuilt and I did not replace posts. All of my kegs work and the amount of points does not matter. A closed wrench is a little easier for removing posts in my experience.

You have to put the keg in a body lock while trying to loosen the post.

beers 8676 º places 277 º 14:48 Wed 2/1/2012

Just Googled 6/12pt and such... and my posts are definitely 6 point and so is my socket... so...

beers 8676 º places 277 º 14:52 Wed 2/1/2012

Originally posted by AAvgerinos
Assuming your tools are in good working order, first try tightening the connection just 1/16 of a turn. So, just barely try to budge it. Then to loosen, get a good hold and jerk it loose. Sometimes quick movements will loosen a stuck fitting better than hanging on it. Putting a small pipe over the end of a ratchet will give you more leverage as well.

Tried this already (tightening first) and it didn’t work sadly. Oh well, I’ll keep trying everyone’s suggestions

beers 6355 º places 233 º 15:43 Wed 2/1/2012

Do you have a hammer? Tighten the wrench onto the post with as much room as you can for the wrench to move, then give it a whack with the hammer. That should loosen it up.

beers 619 º places 117 º 17:20 Wed 2/1/2012

I have a 6 pt and a 12 pt on my keg.

beers 257 º places 20 º 18:19 Wed 2/1/2012

If holding the keg in place is the real problem try securing it to a post by wrapping it several times with a ratchet strap and tightening the shit out of it prior to putting a wrench on it. I have used ratchet straps for a hillbilly vise while working on big pipe several times, as long as you can figure out how to apply friction in your favor it will work.

beers 7931 º places 424 º 18:47 Wed 2/1/2012

Having problems holding the keg down? Try sitting on it

beers 2996 º places 156 º 18:48 Wed 2/1/2012

Has a breaker bar been tried yet? Use leverage to your advantage.

beers 7133 º places 142 º 18:50 Wed 2/1/2012

When you tried to get the post off with the socket wrench, did you pay any attention to the angle over which you were applying the torque? You shouldn’t need to worry about holding the keg still if you place the post you want to get off at the 3 o’clock position relative to your body and position the wrench handle at roughly 10 o’clock. Then with your right hand you pull the wrench toward you while pushing away on the keg handle with your left hand. You can slip a pipe over the socket wrench handle to act as a torque extender. Worst case is you use a pair of vise grips and a hammer. You can always replace the post if you strip it or damage it. has most types for $9-$10.

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