Help with the names of two Russian beers

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beers 7768 º places 46 º 06:38 Thu 5/31/2012


My wife brought me to Russian beers. I am not sure whether they are in the database already or should I add them. If the latter how should I transliterate the names?

The names of the beers written with cyrillic alphabets are:

Сан кт-П ете рву рг Калинкинь (According to the back label it is (contract) brewed by Heineken Russia)

Бря нск пив о Пиво Жиг уле вск ое Светлое

// Matti

beers 25054 º places 4 º 06:41 Thu 5/31/2012

This usually helps me:

The Russian alphabet

beers 1957 º places 35 º 07:15 Thu 5/31/2012

St. Petersberg Kalinkin and Bryanskpivo Zhigulevskoe Light Beer

beers 1957 º places 35 º 07:21 Thu 5/31/2012

This is probably the first one.

07:24 Thu 5/31/2012

I have had this issue before and Google translate has always been a great asset with these foreign beers.

beers 1957 º places 35 º 07:26 Thu 5/31/2012

Second one is tougher. Search for Zhigulevskoe and check the labels on the beers in the search results to see if one matches.

beers 7768 º places 46 º 08:00 Thu 5/31/2012

Stepan Razin Kalinkin has the same ABV and the names is almost similar. The label on the bottle is completely different but they might just have done a rebadge.

FatPhil found the other one:

It seems the brewery is missing from the database and therefore the beer, too.

Thanks for the help.

// Matti

beers 17334 º places 630 º 08:05 Thu 5/31/2012

stepan razin brewery disappeared about 8 years ago. the brand did briefly disappear then, but indeed has been resurrected

beers 7768 º places 46 º 08:07 Thu 5/31/2012

Just to be more accurate. The other beer is this one:

If you watch this, the words are magically translated:

beers 2994 º places 144 º 08:20 Thu 5/31/2012

Originally posted by Ryan82SM
If you watch this, the words are magically translated:
Wow, that is helpful.