Hitachino Nest Xímas XH Ale

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beers 2584 º places 190 º 02:54 Thu 1/5/2012

Bought a bottle of this in Tanakaya. Canít find it listed and wanted to check itís not the same as XH. It had a bit more of a menthol kick to it.

beers 5808 º places 341 º 03:18 Thu 1/5/2012

Never heard of this one. You can ask George on Sat he worked at the brewery until last week.

beers 10254 º places 718 º 06:56 Fri 1/20/2012

I heard this is just a re-label, but I saw an ad from them describing an eisbock. Could be interesting.

beers 2584 º places 190 º 11:37 Sat 1/21/2012

I have a feeling it was a re-label because I really couldnít tell much difference.