Hofbrau Berlin

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beers 7690 º places 620 º 00:00 Tue 3/5/2013


I was in Berlin the other week and popped into the new Hofbrau Beer hall near AlexanderPlatz.

I note it hasn’t been added to the Berlin Mitte place listings nor has any of its beers been added to the data base.

I am happy to add it to the place listings in no Berliner wishes too, but I don’t know if the beers are brewed in house or elsewhere: anybody know?


beers 6976 º places 194 º 02:26 Tue 3/5/2013


the beer is brewed in Munich by Hofbräuhaus München.


beers 6792 º places 346 º 06:17 Wed 3/6/2013

I added it to places.

beers 7690 º places 620 º 14:08 Wed 3/6/2013

Thanks chaps.


beers 19 º places 65 º 02:25 Sat 3/23/2013

Berlin: The list for Mitte is a list of tourist traps!

beers 1633 º places 156 º 10:18 Sat 3/23/2013

Berlin too fast too contemporary