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beers 5485 º places 401 º 09:33 Mon 5/8/2017


We´ll be spending around a week in Holland (or the whole Netherlands), during the first days of August. Still on the planning, but we´ll have a car to move around, and probably will have two basecamps during these days. In our initial thoughts, visits to De Molen, Jopen, Uiltje, Kees will be attempted.
Any beerwise tip would be appreciated, if there´s any kind of nice beer event we can attend, some not to miss places, etc.


beers 6587 º places 259 º 09:51 Mon 5/8/2017

Absolutely pay a visit to Eindhoven.
You should visit brewpub Van Moll, Drinkerspub (Okdskool brews and more) and Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven.
First 2 are within 100 meters of each other. stadsbrouwerij is a couple of minutes walk over Netherlands longest street of bars...
There’s also some good beer stores in and around Eindhoven.
If you need more info, just ask!

beers 4533 º places 266 º 11:02 Mon 5/8/2017

Following this one since I’ll be there in the second week of August. Also with a car to move around and some of the same goals to reach.

beers 9262 º places 354 º 12:02 Mon 5/8/2017

Oedipus is having "Planet Oedipus" Festival the 2nd weekend of August. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday. Check out their Facebook for more details.

Lowenbrau, if you like to visit Jopen and/ or Uiltje breweries, please let me know, my work is 100m from there.
Planet Oedipus: https://www.facebook.com/events/745629918930100/?ti=cl

beers 6100 º places 110 º 12:03 Mon 5/8/2017

If you’re planning to hit Amsterdam for a pub crawl or something, I’d like to meet and share some beers if my program allows it.

beers 10312 º places 320 º 12:51 Mon 5/8/2017

Is there anything to see at Kees? I’ve never been but it doesn’t seem like he does tours, also it’s in a booooooring part of the country :-)

beers 5657 º places 118 º 16:32 Mon 5/8/2017

I’m pretty partial to Craft & Draft and Butcher’s Tears in Amsterdam. If you need some beer-based souvenirs, De Bierkoning is, well, king, but Sterk is also great if only for the fact that they’re open quite late.

beers 5485 º places 401 º 12:58 Sat 7/29/2017

Well, this is coming closer. We´ll be based in Haarlem and move around from there. Already have booked visits to Uiltje and De Molen. Probably Jopenkerk as well.
I have some beer bars in mind in Amsterdam, but this is not going to be a beer only focused trip, so i´ll appreciate musts, regarding places.
Uiltje bar in Haarlem seems a place where can end nearly almost everyday , so if anyone is up to share a few beers, or some IP trade, just let me know and we´ll see. I´m afraid we´ll have no time for pub crawls, but for a few nightcups.


beers 18399 º places 750 º 13:43 Sat 7/29/2017

Happy to meet up for a few beers in Haarlem or Amsterdam one of those days, by all means give me a shout!

beers 20023 º places 321 º 02:52 Sun 7/30/2017

If you’re going to do Eindhoven let me know.

beers 3663 º places 115 º 06:11 Sun 7/30/2017

Nice recommendations here! I’m going to Eindhoven and Tilburg in September and will definitely hit up the recommended places