Hopfen und Malz Verloren! (Lost)

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beers 1 º places 2 º 04:18 Sat 6/16/2012

So there was a tv show on a week or two ago about what’s wrong with the brewing industry in Germany. There’s a blog post about it in German and one in English.

Basically, big German brewers have been dumbing down beer for years and the best Pils is brewed in Chico, California.


23:36 Fri 6/22/2012

i´m afraid germany can´t keep it´s title "beer-country-number-one" :-/

beers 10456 º places 568 º 13:10 Mon 7/9/2012

Kann man noch auf youtube anschauen… ein bißchen oberflächlich, aber insgesamt richtig. Die Kernaussage stimmt: deutsches "Premium"-Bier,nein danke!