Hopslam: 4 months later

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beers 34 º 13:20 Wed 7/3/2013

Just tried some Hopslam that the local Liquor Barn recently tapped. IMO it drinks better with a little age on it. Anyone else share this experience?

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beers 1530 º places 5 º 14:12 Wed 7/3/2013

Tastes like malt after a month or 2.

beers 999 º places 47 º 18:05 Wed 7/3/2013

No. Didnt someone make a similar thread about some Great Divide beer recently? If you think it tastes better with age, its probably because you dont actually like IPAs as much as you think you do.

beers 1707 º places 103 º 18:09 Wed 7/3/2013

i will follow up with my review of aged Stone Enjoy By in a few years.

beers 2035 º places 140 º 18:48 Wed 7/3/2013

The owner of my watering hole when I lived in Indiana had a tapping party the moment she got a keg. About half way through it, she took it off. Six months later she put it back on for another tapping party. It had lost it’s vibrancy. Just tasted like a run-of-the-mill IPA.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 18:54 Wed 7/3/2013

Have every vintage offered sitting in my rotbox currently.

19:47 Wed 7/3/2013

It has a six month shelf life..
I had one about a month ago, it lost a little of its pop but still real good.

beers 2662 º places 110 º 20:18 Wed 7/3/2013

lots of hops and malt => okay to age, not okay to age depending on what you call it. Barley wine? Fine. DIPA? Somehow not okay.

Take labels and recommendations with a grain of salt.

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beers 1287 º 20:54 Wed 7/3/2013

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