Hot salsa recipe if you’re interested....

Reads 563 • Replies 8 • Started Monday, June 3, 2013 2:38:31 PM CT

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beers 145 º places 12 º 14:38 Mon 6/3/2013

about a 1/4 pound of habaneros
3-5 roasted/seared serranos
2-4 jalapenos
6-8 roasted/seared tomatoes
6-10 lemons or limes (squeezed to taste)
1/2 a stock of chopped cilantro
1/2 a white onion diced
2 mangos
salt/pepper to taste

Puree the serranos, mangos, lemon/lime juice, and jalapenos
add the rest of ingredients chill and serve
*Pair with an IPA to wreck your palate completely....

beers 999 º places 47 º 14:51 Mon 6/3/2013

Sounds tatsey

beers 959 º places 40 º 11:23 Tue 6/4/2013

Sounds good, seems like a good balance of heat and sweet. How much salsa does this make? I can already imagine the combined capsaicin-hop burn.

beers 145 º places 12 º 11:48 Tue 6/4/2013

About 5-6 cups depending on size of fruit and veggies...

beers 1633 º places 156 º 12:21 Tue 6/4/2013

uhhh that sounds lovely -ring burn included(?)-
Any specific IPA you would suggest?
What about a Stout?

beers 42 º 12:35 Tue 6/4/2013

I had a ton of extra peppers last fall and made some lacto fermented hot sauce with it. Super easy.

Make a brine (salt and water). Chop the peppers up and put them in a jar. Add the brine until the peppers are covered. Add whey from a greek yogurt container and let them ferment. The longer they ferment the better. When done, the peppers should be very soft. Pour out the brine and blend the peppers up.

beers 145 º places 12 º 13:35 Tue 6/4/2013

Green Flash Palate Wrecker is perfect :)

beers 145 º places 12 º 13:38 Tue 6/4/2013

Or Sculpin is a good one too

beers 470 º places 10 º 08:36 Wed 6/5/2013

I didn’t puree. Sculpin is awesome and I have been tasting a lot of pale ales whcih compliment many foods also.