How could AB InBev do business ethically in order to earn your respect in the industry?

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Soooooo, fuck ABI. Whatcha think Mikey?? Huh??

14:13 Thu 9/21/2017

Odd way for this thread to be resurrected, but I'll take the opportunity to respond anyway.

There is one thing that ABI and The High End have going for them. All the bad press of the acquisitions is now behind them. Now all they have to do is made great beer and market and sell it.

That old yarn about time healing all wounds is very apt in this case. The craft beer drinkers that don't like ABI will continue to not like them, for whatever reasonable or unreasonable reason that they have. There will always be, however, new craft beer drinkers being minted each and every day and many of them will not care who owns the brewery that made the beer that they are drinking. ABI will simply and quietly go about their business while more and more people drink their beer.

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bring back more malt liquor brands.

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mock microbrews and make people who drink them seem like douchebags.

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"Seem like"

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Originally posted by crossovert
bring back more malt liquor brands.

Malt liquor has the most odd and haphazard distribution out of any macro beer I've ever seen.

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If ABI tries to educate macro drinkers about what quality beer is, that would be great. However that's against their macro business model.

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Originally posted by poisoneddwarf
What kraddel said. Stop with the price undercutting. When a struggling bar or restaurant can only afford to put one IPA on tap, and ABI is offering Goose IPA 1/6 barrels at $35 a pop, and all other IPAs are about double that price, 9 times out of 10 these places are going to chose Goose. Lots of independents get pushed out and can never get back in because of this shit.

It's economics of scale. They pay way less for ingredients because they order such huge quantities, thus the beer price point can be cheaper. Look at why breweries like Sierra Nevada are cheaper per 6 pack than your neighborhood brewery. You want them to make more money?

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I find it astonishing that in the US, a nation of 'free trade' that legislation on behalf of lobby interests prevents a brewery selling directly to a customer. Astonishing. A producer is forced to sell their products through a specified chain. Not as bad as the Nanny State running things in Scandinavia and Canada, but still surprising.