How could AB InBev do business ethically in order to earn your respect in the industry?

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beers 3583 º places 165 º 13:09 Sat 10/21/2017

The thread is quite old, but it's a bit cheeky asking us for doing free marketing work for a such a big enterprise, who can afford any marketing work they want. To answer the question: they can't at all. The question is almost a bit offensive, because it's so ridiculous.

beers 7518 º places 55 º 16:54 Sat 10/21/2017

led zeppelin in the commercials

beers 13787 º places 1004 º 22:14 Sat 10/21/2017

To me, a huge part of the problem is the ineffectual US government. If anti-trust laws were taken at all seriously, this corporation would have never existed. It should be broken up, imo. I know it won’t happen, though.

beers 846 º places 49 º 22:35 Sat 10/21/2017

To answer the OP's question: go out of business.

beers 5408 º places 968 º 04:11 Sun 10/22/2017

Hmmmm... Not much.but here is a start: make good beer. And by make good beer I don't mean 'buy out good breweries', I mean have a decent initial product. Budweiser and Bud Light are two of the worst beers in a very large market.