How do you say ’Pliny’?

Reads 38189 • Replies 57 • Started Wednesday, July 29, 2009 9:06:14 PM CT

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beers 1072 º places 202 º 21:06 Wed 7/29/2009

Was pointed out to me at a party last week that the men the beers are named after are known as ’Pliny’ to historians (with the short ’I’ as in ’sit’). My friends and I have always said ’Pliny’ with the long I of ’kite’.

What say you?

beers 6368 º places 233 º 21:09 Wed 7/29/2009

Short i like sit. Not long i.

beers 7086 º places 28 º 21:16 Wed 7/29/2009

rhymes with "awesome"

I don’t know why I said that ...

beers 4254 º places 125 º 21:17 Wed 7/29/2009

Most everyone out here uses the long I, but the short I was correct if I remember pronunciation from my collage Philosophy class!

beers 7930 º places 424 º 21:22 Wed 7/29/2009

The actual Elder/Younger have one pronunciation, and the people at russian river use the other pronunciation for the beer...I am not sure which is which though...

beers 2178 º places 25 º 21:24 Wed 7/29/2009
beers 4874 º places 80 º 21:25 Wed 7/29/2009

If you use the short i you have to continue speaking with a British accent.

beers 2608 º places 66 º 21:31 Wed 7/29/2009

Its ply knee...iu’ve been drinking this beer before you even knew what ratebeer was...and it ain’t even that good to boot.

beers 1069 º places 32 º 21:33 Wed 7/29/2009

Vinnie says "PLY-KNEE" ... good enough for me.

beers 1102 º places 4 º 21:53 Wed 7/29/2009

The beer pronunciation is incorrect as far as the historical Pliny..which was with a short in mini...

beers 1508 º 21:56 Wed 7/29/2009

I called it Ply-nee untill I was corrected with Pleh-nee, so I don’t know and have nothing to add other than I’m impressionable...