how long do growlers stay fresh?

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beers 1021 º places 13 º 17:53 Mon 11/23/2009

alright guys, this may be a dumb question but i’ve never saved a growler for a couple of days. always just opened them up and drank the beer the same day. so, if the growler was filled today how long will it stay fresh? assuming it’s sealed well and kept cold since filling, of course. i’m trying to take it to a tasting on Friday. as always, any advice is appreciated

beers 16 º places 3 º 17:57 Mon 11/23/2009

I’ve done 2 weeks unopened and the beer was fine. I’d say if the cap is tight, the growler sanitized, kept cold and unopened a growler should last a long time.

beers 1 º places 2 º 18:08 Mon 11/23/2009

As long as you cap on foam, it should last, easily, 3-4 days. Once you open it, it’s just a matter of time.

beers 2878 º places 41 º 18:13 Mon 11/23/2009

3-4 days, as said before.....If it’s a REALlY good, heavy beer it can last a good week...before the "Life" leaves from it...

beers 11 º 19:05 Mon 11/23/2009

Way, way longer than the previous posts suggest. 3-4 weeks easy if a good seal. I usually tape growler caps with black electrical tape to prolong fridge life. Recently had a 6-week old growler that was absolutely fine. I’ve heard stories of growlers keeping for 6 months, but can’t attest to that personally.

beers 257 º places 20 º 19:30 Mon 11/23/2009

I’ve had a couple big beers last 2 weeks in the past with very little negative effects.

beers 6368 º places 233 º 19:33 Mon 11/23/2009

I’ve enjoyed 100s of growlers and find that when unopened and kept cold, they tend to last for several weeks, even with more fragile styles. Opening a growler that was past its prime has been the exception rather than the rule and was usually attributable to a tap line issue or brewing flaw rather than a beer that was past its prime.

beers 669 º places 13 º 12:52 Tue 11/24/2009

My screw cap growlers at most I’d say a week. The flip top growlers from Stone last quite a while. I had a growler of Self-Righteous that I opened 4 weeks later and it was still fantastic.

I think a factor is how much air is between the top of the fill and the bottom of the cap/flip top. More air = kills freshness / filled to the top = lasts longer.

beers 4239 º places 75 º 13:17 Tue 11/24/2009

Pepsican shared a growler of Pliny the Younger with a flip cap that I remember he said he had had for a few weeks. The carbonation was perfect and it tasted pretty damn good to me.

beers 8924 º places 93 º 13:29 Tue 11/24/2009

I had a growler of Ithaca Cold Front last night that I filled 7 weeks ago. There was still plenty of carbonation (admittedly, it was a touch less) and the flavor had held up well. It had been kept cold in my fridge the whole time.

beers 3049 º places 100 º 13:40 Tue 11/24/2009

Some (not many) places provide pressurized fills. Those last a while. Regular growler, if filled properly with minimal aeration, and if never opened will stay good for a few weeks. (It will just be a bit less carbonated)